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– J –

J & J Products

  • Ammo boxes.

J & S Custom Gun Shop

  • New firearms, custom firearms, used firearms, gun optics, gun accessories.

J Dewey Mfg

  • Gun cleaning rods and cleaning supplies.

J Lowe Clips & Magazines

  • Rifle magazines, pistol magazines, shotgun magazines, machine gun magazines.

J&G Sales

  • Firearms, ammunition, gun accessories.

J&S Wholesale

  • Shooting supplies, ammunition, shotgun supplies.

J&T Distributing

  • AR-15 accessories, AR-15 kits, AR-15 uppers, optics, mounts, AR-15 furniture.

J.M.B. Distribution

  • Scrimshawed pistol grips.

J.W. O’Rourke Leather Products

  • Gun holsters, gun belts.

J2S Tactical

  • Tactical gear, range gear, ammunition.

Jack First Gun Shop

  • Gun parts.

Jade Shooting Supplies

  • Gun accessories and gear for women.


  • Precision rifle stocks.

James Calhoon

  • Varmint bullets, 19 caliber re-barrel kits.

James D Julia Auctioneers

  • Gun auctions.

James H Francis Antique & Collectible Firearms

  • Antique firearms.

Jaquas Fine Guns

  • Shotguns, rifles, handguns.

Jard Inc

  • Trigger systems.


  • High power shooting information.


  • Gun barrels, pistol barrels, rimfire rifle barrels, centerfire rifle barrels, rifle barrel blanks.

Jason Winnie Leathergoods

  • A producer of quality crafted leather holsters, magazine carriers, and gun belts.

Jax Knives

  • Knives, concealed carry products.

Jeff’s Outfitters

  • Gun accessories, shooting accessories, shotgun accessories.

Jensen Arms

  • Rifles, pistols, shotguns, ammunition, Class 3 firearms.


  • Custom parts for Glock Pistols.

Jesse GunLeather

  • Gun leather for women. Gun belts, holsters, concealment bags.

Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

  • Second Amendment supporters.

JGS Precision Tool

  • Pistol chamber reamers, bore reamers, shotgun reamers.

Jim Downing – The Gun Engraver

  • Gun engraving.

Jim Pruett’s Guns and Ammo

  • Gun store, CHL classes, gun information.

Jim’s Gun Supply

  • DuraCoat firearm refinishing.

J-MAR Enterprises

  • Combination guns, drillings, double rifles.

JMC Custom Holsters

  • Custom Kydex holsters.

JMG Holsters

  • Handcrafted holsters.

Joe Salter

  • Antique guns, collector guns.

Joel Etchen Guns

  • Shotguns, shotgun accessories.

John Masen Gun Parts

  • Gun parts, gun accessories, Mini 14 accessories, .45 Auto parts, AR-15 accessories, Mini 30 accessories, Ruger 10-22 accessories, gun magazines, recoil pads, pistol grips.

John R Lott

  • Pro Second Amendment author.

John Rigby and Co

  • Hand made shotguns, double rifles, bolt rifles.

Johnny’s Shotgun Chokes & Forcing Cones

  • Shotgun chokes, forcing cones.

Johnson Design Specialties

  • Powder measures, reloading supplies.

Jonathan Arthur Ciener

  • .22LR conversions kits.

Joseph Chiarello & Co

  • Gun insurance.

JP Rifles

  • AR-type rifles and components.

JPR Targets

  • Reactive target control system.

JRH Enterprises

  • Emergency preparedness and survival supplies including night vision devices, thermal imagers, long term food storage, tactical gear, body armor, and more.

JRJ Custom Pistols

  • Custom 1911 work.

JR’s Gunsmithing

  • Gunsmithing, guns, gun accessories, ammunition.

JSG Enterprises

  • Brass catchers.


  • Leather pocket holsters, Kydex holsters.

J-Tech Tactical Gear

  • Tactical gear, tactical holsters, tactical flashlights, rifle slings.

Juggernaut Tactical

  • Bullpup stocks for M14/M1A rifles.

Julie Goloski

  • Champion action pistol shooter.

Just Shoot Me Products

  • Reactive targets, shooting range target systems, self sealing targets.