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– H –

H.B.E. Specialty LeatherWorks

  • Custom leather holsters.

H.H. Holsters

  • Concealment holsters and accessories.

Half Priced Ammo – HPA

  • Online retailer of ammunition.

Hall Mfg

  • Bolt actions, rimfire actions, scope rings.

Hallowell & Co

  • American shotguns, English shotguns, European shotguns, double rifles, magazine rifles, single shot rifles, combination guns, antique guns.

Hammerhead Rifle Tool

  • AR15/M16/M4 rifle tools.

Handcrafted Traditions

  • Gun cabinets, pistol display cabinets.

Handgun Hunter Magazine

  • Handgun hunting magazine.

Handgun Manitoba

  • Handgun shooting in Manitoba.


  • Handgun grips, handgun accessories.

Handguns Magazine

  • Handgun information, handgun reviews, handgun equipment information.

HandLoaders Bench

  • Reloading information.

Hank Fleming

  • Gunsmithing for handguns, rifles and shotguns.

Harford Engraving Service

  • Custom firearm engraving, engraved AR15 lowers & ejection ports.

Harford Firearms Academy

  • Indoor shooting range in Harford County, MD.

Harrell’s Precision

  • Powder measures, reloading presses, reloading dies, muzzle brakes.

Harrison Design & Consulting

  • 1911 handgun modifications, 1911 handgun gunsmithing.

Harsh Firearms

  • Full service gun shop and producer of custom AR and AK rifles. Also offers gunsmithing services and Cerakoting.

Hart Rifle Barrels

  • Rifle barrels.

Harvester Muzzleloading

  • Muzzleloading bullets.

Hatcher Gun Company

  • Custom handguns and rifles. Class II Manufacturer of machineguns, short barreled shotguns, and short barreled rifles.

Haus of Guns

  • Gun reviews, gun accessory reviews.

Hawk Hill Custom

A manufacturer of precision barrels and shooting accessories.

Hawk Inc

  • Custom bullets, hunting bullets.

HawkTech Arms

  • Rimfire products, rimfire accessories, 10-22 barrels, 10-22 accessories.

Head Down Products

  • AR-15 accessories, optics, tactical gear.

Heavy Metal Software

  • Shooting software, gun inventory software.

Heckler & Koch

  • Handguns, rifles, carbines, submachine guns.

Heels and Handguns

  • A pro 2nd Amendment blog geared towards gun education, and encouraging more women to become responsibly armed.

Heier’s Custom Ruger 10/22s

  • Custom Ruger 10-22 rifles.

Heinie Specialty Products

  • Handgun sights, handgun parts, handgun accessories.

Hell Fighter

  • Tactical weapon lights.

Hendershot’s Sporting Goods

  • Hunting rifles, hunting ammunition, hunting rifle accessories.

Henry Repeating Arms

  • Lever action rifles, bolt action rifles.

Heritage Gun Books

  • Gunsmithing manuals.

Heritage Manufacturing

  • Small bore revolvers, big bore revolvers, handgun holsters, handgun parts, handgun accessories, handgun grips.

Heritage Safe Co

  • Gun safes.

Herrett’s Stocks

  • Gun stocks, pistol grips.

High Mountain Hunting Supplies

  • Handguns, firearm optics, shooting supplies, shotguns, rifles.

High Noon Holsters

  • Belt holsters, IWB holsters, gun belts, magazine carriers, pocket holsters, shoulder rigs, paddle holsters.

High Performance Firearms – HIPERFIRE

  • Manufacturer of AR-15 trigger systems.

High Speed Gear

  • Tactical holsters, tactical pouches.

High Standard Manufacturing

  • Target pistols, 1911 pistols, AR15 rifles.

High Threat Concealment – HTC

  • Specializes in the development of low profile tactical gear for close protection and/or low-visibility operations.

Hi-Grade Shooters Supply

  • Skeet guns, shooting supplies.

Hill & Mac Gunworks

  • Manufacturer of reactive steel targets.

Hill Country Rifle Company

  • Custom rifles, riflesmithing.


  • Full custom finish shop specializing in custom one-of-a-kind finishes on all firearms, parts, and accessories.

Hi-Lux Optics

  • Manufacturer of red dot sights and riflescopes.

Hinterland Outfitters

  • Shooting supplies, ammo, gun parts, firearms.

Hi-Point Firearms

  • Rifles, rifle accessories, handguns, handgun accessories.

Historic Firearms & Collectibles Insurance Program

  • Firearm insurance.

Hi-Tech Ammunition

  • Reloading components, full metal jacket pistol bullets, pistol bullets, rifle bullets, tracer bullet jackets, lead pistol bullets, brass, surplus military gunpowder.

Hi-Vel Inc

  • Exotic ammunition, gun parts, paramilitary devices, military manuals.

HIVIZ Shooting Systems

  • Shotgun sights, rifle sights, tactical sights, pistol sights, recoil pads, paintball sights.

HK Parts

  • HK parts, HK accessories.

HK Pro

  • Heckler & Koch information.

HKS Speedloaders

  • Speedloaders, magazine loaders.

Hodgdon Powder

  • Smokeless powders, reloading information.

Hoening Big Bore South

  • 410 gauge barrels, 410 ammunition.

Hoffman’s Gun Center

  • Guns, ammunition, gun holsters, gun cases, reloading supplies.


  • Leather holsters, Kydex holsters, hybrid holsters, gun belts.


  • Handgun grips, rifle stocks.

Holbrook Device

  • A device for the M1 Garand that stops automatic bolt closure when loading. The device also prevents the clip from automatically ejecting when the last round is fired.

Holland & Holland

  • Sporting shotguns.

Holland’s Gunsmithing

  • Gunsmithing, shooting supplies, custom rifles, gun stocks, muzzle brakes, reloading equipment.

Holster Vault

  • Gun holster information, gun storage information.


  • Shoulder holsters, belt holsters, IWB holsters, ambidextrous holsters, paddle holsters, SOB holsters, magazine cases.

Holsters Plus

  • Kydex holsters for Glock pistols, Heckler & Koch pistols, Sig Sauer pistols.


  • Concealed carry holsters, mag pouches, paddle holsters, pocket holsters, shoulder holsters, thumb break holsters.

Homeland Defense and Police Supply

  • Machine guns, assault weapons, rifles, shotguns, handguns, silencers, short barreled rifles, destructive devices.

Homeland Safe

  • Gun safes.

Honor Defense

  • A manufacturer of semi-automatic pistols.

Hoosier Gun Coat

  • DuraCoat firearm finishing.

Hoosier Gun Works

  • Gun parts, gun stocks, gun magazines, gun barrels.


  • Gun cleaning products.


  • Ammunition, bullets, muzzleloading bullets, reloading supplies.

Horseshoe Leather Products

  • Leather concealment holsters, civilian holsters, IDPA holsters, CCW holsters and magazine carriers.

Horst Held

  • Antique handguns.

Horus Vision

  • Precision shooting reticles, precision shooting scopes, precision shooting software.

Hot Caliber

  • Flattened bullet jewelry.

Hot Flash Gun Refinishing

  • Firearm refinishing.

Houlding Precision Firearms

  • Manufacturer of billet AR-15 receivers, rifles, brakes, and hand guards.

Houston Gun Collectors Association

  • Gun collecting information, Houston gun shows.

Houts Enterprises

  • Beretta CX4 Storm accessories, M16 rifle accessories, AR15 rifle accessories, DuraCoat firearms finishing, tactical gear.

Howell Shooting Supplies

  • Clay shooting supplies, clay target trap machines.

HPR Ammo

  • Ammo manufacturer, pistol ammo, rifle ammo.

HPS Target Rifles

  • Target rifle supplies.

H-S Precision

  • Hunting rifles, tactical rifles, target pistols.


  • Police gear, military gear.

HSS International

  • Tactical training.

HT Holsters

  • Producer of holsters for handguns, OC/Pepper spray and riot batons.

HTG Silencers

  • Handgun suppressors, rifle suppressors.

Huber Concepts

  • Military surplus rifle triggers.

Huldra Arms

  • AR-15, M16, and M4 style gas piston rifles and uppers.

Hunt Smart

  • Hunting supplies, equipment, and gear to ensure the success of your hunting trips.


  • Gun holsters, gun cases, gun optics, shooting accessories.


  • Gunstock blanks, gun auction.

Hunter’s Emporium

  • Large selection of outdoor gear for all of your fishing, hunting, boating, archery, tactical, and camping needs.

Hunters Lodge

  • Firearms, military surplus.


  • Hunting rifles, rifle scopes, shotguns, pistol scopes, red dot scopes, ammunition, muzzleloading equipment.

Huntertown Arms

  • Firearm suppressors.

Hyatt Gun Shop

  • New firearms, used firearms, firearm accessories, reloading supplies, gunsmithing.


  • Rifle rests, hearing protection, pistol racks, shooting benches, shooting accessories, shooting equipment.