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C&E Gun Shows

  • North Carolina gun shows, Virginia gun shows, Ohio gun shows.

C&H Research

  • Recoil reduction systems.

C. Rusty Sherrick Custom Leather Works

  • Horsehide holsters.

C. Sharps Arms

  • Classic Metallic Cartridge Rifles, classic rifle sights.

C.J. Weapons Accessories

  • Military weapon accessories, shooting accessories.

Cabot Guns

  • Manufacturer of 1911 style pistols.

Cactus Tactical

  • Tactical equipment, self defense gear, shooting supplies, AR-15 accessories.

Caesar Guerini

  • Over/Under shotguns.

Cal-Graf Design

  • Custom firearm cases, firearm display racks, gun carts, reloading and cartridge storage, shooting boxes.


  • California gun information.

CALI’CO Hardwoods

  • Gunstock blanks.

Calico Light Weapon Systems

  • Light weapon systems.

California Competition Works

  • Firearm accessories, 3 gun gear.

California Rangemasters Association

  • Firearm training.

California Rifle and Pistol Association

  • Second Amendment information, California firearms legislation news, CCW permit information.

California Rifles

  • AR-15 rifle stocks.

Cal’s Sporting Armory

  • Gun accessories, ammunition, gun holsters, gun parts, shooting supplies.


  • Gun parkerizing kits.


  • Ammunition loading equipment, case trimmers.


  • Wholesale firearms, firearm accessories.


  • Rifle magazine loaders, magazine well dust covers.

CamoVision Eye Wear

  • Camouflage eyewear.

Campbell Gun Racks

  • Rotary gun racks, pistol gun racks, corner gun racks.

Canadian Tactical

  • Weapon sound suppressors.

Cannon Safe

  • Gun safes.

Canyon Creek Custom Gunstocks

  • Custom gunstocks.


  • Live fire simulators.

Carbines for Collectors

  • Small arms information.


  • Small arms shooting range ventilation.

Carlson’s Choke Tubes

  • Shotgun choke tubes, shotgun accessories.

Carolina Arms Group – CAG

  • Builder of heirloom quality 1911 pistols.

Carolina Precision Rifles

  • Custom precision rifles.

Carolina Sporting Arms

  • Guns, gun accessories.

Carson Gunsmithing

  • Gunsmithing, lever action rifle tuning, revolver tuning.

Cartridge Comparison Guide

  • A complete cartridge listing that compares bullet weight, velocity, energy, and recoil in one guide.

CAS City

  • Cowboy action shooting information.

Cascadia Armament Design

  • Quick Disconnect Sling Plates for the Magpul PRS stock.

Case King

  • Gun cases, pistol cases, rifle cases, ammo cases.

Caseplace USA

  • Gun cases, pistol cases, rifle cases, shotgun cases.

Caspian Arms

  • 1911 pistol parts, 1911 accessories, 1911 slides.

Cast Bullet Association

  • Bullet casting information.

Castle Rock Tactical

  • AR15 parts, M1A rifle parts.

Castlewood Rod & Gun Club

  • Gun club located in New Castle, PA.

Catch Your Brass

  • Brass catchers.

Cavalry Arms

  • AR15 rifles, AR15 parts, shotguns, tactical gear.

CB Bullets

  • Hard cast lead bullets.

CB’s Leather Works

  • Manufacturer of custom leather holsters.

CC International

  • Specializes in the export and import of firearms, firearm components, ammunition, optics and other ITAR controlled items.

CCF RaceFrames

  • Alloy frames for Glock pistols.

CCG Firearms

  • M-1 Garand modifications, M-1A modifications, varmint rifles.

CCR Refinishing

  • Firearm refinishing, firearm sales.

CDNN Sports

  • Gun accessories, gun parts, gun optics, shooting supplies.

Center Mass

  • Tactical weapon accessories, sniper gear.

Center Mass Firearms

  • Firearms, firearm accessories, indoor shooting range located in Las Vegas, NV.

Center of Mass

  • Firearms training, firearm accessories, in car gun safes.

Center of Mass Holsters

  • Kydex holsters, magazine holsters, holster accessories.

Center Point Optics

  • Precision rifle scopes.

CenterFire Central

  • Reloading information, shooting information.

Centerfire Cleaning Solutions

  • Gun cleaning solutions, gun lubricant, gun preservative.

Centerfire Systems

  • Guns, gun accessories, gun parts.

Central Arkansas Shooter Association

  • Shooting range in Little Rock, AR.

Central Indiana Gunshows

  • Indiana gun shows.

Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club

  • Shooting range in Jackson, NJ.

Centurion Systems

  • Night vision equipment, firearm optics.

Century International Arms

  • Firearms, firearm accessories.

Ceska Zbrojovka

  • Semi automatic pistols, rimfire rifles, centerfire rifles, shotguns.

CGM Gunstock Checkering

  • Gunstock checkering.

Challenge Targets

  • Reactive steel targets and hostage targets for law enforcement, military, and enthusiasts.

Challis Grips

  • Manufacturer of custom grips for 1911 pistols.


  • Empty Chamber Indicators that provides instant recognition that a firearm is safe.

Champion Targets

  • Targets, traps, shooting supplies, shotgun targets.

Champion’s Choice

  • Shooting supplies, shooting equipment, reloading supplies.

Champlin Firearms

  • Sporting firearms, military firearms, gunsmithing.

Chaos Inc

  • Manufacturer of firearm accessories, including rail systems, muzzle devices and optics systems for several firearm platforms.

Charley’s Surplus

  • Military surplus.

Charter Arms

  • American made revolvers.

Cheaper Than Dirt

  • Firearms, firearm supplies, firearm parts, firearm accessories.


  • Ruger 10/22 parts, 10/22 accessories.

Check Point Charlies

  • Handguns, long guns, gun books, gun parts, gun holsters, gun magazines.

Check-Mate Industries

  • Handgun magazines, rifle magazines.

Cherokee Gun Club

  • Shooting range located near Gainesville, GA.

Cherry’s Fine Guns

  • Antique firearms, modern firearms.

Chester Arms

  • Rifles, handguns, Class III firearms, suppressors, firearm accessories.

Chestnut Ridge Supply

  • M1 Garand parts, M1 Carbine parts, M14/M1A parts, 1903 Springfield parts, reloading supplies.

Cheyenne Brass

  • Once fired cases, new cartridge cases, Remington bullets, Winchester bullets.


  • Long range rifle systems.

Chicken’s Shooting Supply

  • Rifle scopes.

Chief Supply

  • Tactical gear, duty gear.

Chip McCormick Custom

  • 1911 magazines, 1911 accessories.

Chisholm’s Trail Old West Leather Makers

  • Gun leather, leather holsters, gun belts, leather rifle scabbards, rifle slings.

Choate Machine & Tool

  • Rifle stocks, varmint rifle stocks, sniper rifle stocks, synthetic gun stocks.

Christensen Arms

  • Custom rifles, carbon barreled rifles.

Chuck Taylor’s American Small Arms Academy

  • Small arms training.

Cimarron Firearms

  • Old west guns, cowboy action shooting guns.

Circle KB

  • Cowboy holsters, western holsters.

Citizens Committee For The Right To Keep And Bear Arms – CCRKBA

  • Second Amendment supporters.

CIV Tactical

  • Custom products for the AR-15 platform.

Civilian Marksmanship Program

  • Shooting information.

Clark Custom Cartridge Company

  • Provider of ammunition, including exotic rounds, such as incendiary, tracer, frangible, and many lead-free alternatives.

Clark Custom Guns

  • Custom handguns, custom rifles, gunsmithing, gun parts.

Clark Custom Rifles

  • Precision shooting gunsmithing, precision shooting rifle parts.

Classic Arms

  • Firearms, ammunition, firearm accessories, AK rifles.

Classic Checkering

  • Gunstock checkering.

Clay Pigeon Shooting Association

  • Clay target shooting in England.

Clay Targets Online

  • Location of clay shooting clubs.

Claybuster Wads

  • Shotshell wads.

Clear Ballistics

  • Manufactures 100% clear reusable synthetic ballistic gel.

Clearidge Optics

  • Firearm optics.

Clearview Investments

  • Shooting supplies, firearm accessories.

Clearwater Custom Bullets

  • Big bore handgun bullets.

Clements Custom Guns

  • Custom revolvers, custom rifles.


  • Gun cleaner, gun lubricant.

Cleveland’s Holsters

  • Concealed carry holsters.

Clever Mirage

  • Sporting ammunition, hunting ammunition, shotshells.


  • Printable target software.

Cliff’s Gunsmithing

  • 1911 parts, gun parts, gun accessories, shooting supplies.


  • Gun clips for pistols and revolvers.

Close Quarters Defense

  • Tactical training, weapon systems, weapon accessories, tactical gear.

Cloud Mt Armory

  • Big bore AR-15 rifles.

Clyde Armory

  • Firearms, ammunition, Class 3 weapons.


  • Gunsmithing tools.

CMC Triggers

  • Manufacturer of drop-in precision triggers for the AR-15/10 platform rifle.

CMM Shooting Sports

  • Shooting accessories.


  • AR15 firearms, AR15 parts, AR15 accessories.

C-More Systems

  • Red dot sights, handguards.

CMR Classic Firearms

  • Classic firearms, firearm accessories.

CNS Firearms & Accessories

  • Gun accessories and tactical gear.

Cobalt Kinetics

  • Manufacturer of AR style rifles and components.

Cobra Gunskin

  • Gun holsters, gun belts.

Cobra Pistols

  • Derringers, single action pistols, double action pistols.


  • Cobray replacement parts.

Coldwar Shooters

  • AR15 parts, AR15 accessories, AK parts, AK accessories, handgun accessories.

Cole Distributing

  • Gun accessories, gun parts.

Cole Gunsmithing

  • Custom shotguns, custom shotgun work, Beretta shotgun parts.

Collectible Firearms and Edged Weapons

  • Collectible firearms, antique pistols, antique rifles.

Collector Grade Publications

  • Gun books.

Collectors Firearms

  • Collectible guns, antique guns, gun books.

Collectors West Gun & Knife Shows

  • Oregon gun shows, Washington gun shows.

Collin County IDPA

  • IDPA club in the Dallas, Texas area.

Colonial Arms

  • Shotgun choke tubes.

Colorado Gun Sales

  • Direct importer and manufacturer of firearms. Antique firearms, edged weapons, and curios & relics.

Colorado Gun Writes

  • Specializes in custom laser engraving on firearms.

Colorado Optics

  • Firearm optics.

Colorado Shooter’s Supply

  • Custom bullet moulds.

Colorado State Shooting Association

  • Colorado shooting information.


  • M4 carbines, AR-15 rifles, 1911 pistols, handguns.

Colt Automatic Pistols

  • Colt automatic pistol information.

Colt Woodsman

  • Colt Woodsman information.

Combat Shooters

  • AR-15 manufacturer and dealer of AR parts and accessories.

Combat Shooting and Tactics

  • Combat shooting training, combat tactics training.

Combat Shop Tactical Supply

  • Tactical gear, tactical gun accessories.

Combat Stocks

  • Rifle stocks, shotgun stocks, SKS stocks, gun accessories.

Combat Weapon Storage Systems

  • Weapon racks, weapon storage cabinets, weapon shelves, weapon transport cases.


  • Gun accessories, firearm optics.

Comfort Holsters

  • Manufacturer of holsters designed to maximize comfort.


  • Manufacturer of IWB concealment holsters.

Command Arms Accessories

  • Tactical gear, rifle stocks, handguards, rail systems, magazine accessories, gun accessories.


  • Air guns, air rifles, BB guns, BB rifles, airgun accessories.

Competition Electronics

  • Shot timers, chronographs.

Competitive Edge Dynamics

  • Shooting electronics, shooting bags, shooting products.

Competitive Edge Gunworks

  • Custom rifles, cowboy action pistols, Shotguns.


  • Single shot pistols.


  • Shotgun choke tubes.


  • Kydex holsters, magazine pouches.

Conceal City

  • Concealment holsters.

Concealed Carrie

  • Designer and manufacturer of fashionable, high-end concealed carry handbags and apparel.

Concealed Carry Clothiers

  • Concealed carry clothing, concealed carry accessories.

Concealed Carry Systems

  • Concealed carry cases.

Concealment Concepts

  • Concealment holsters, leather holsters, ankle holsters, shoulder holsters, in the pants holsters.

Concealment Solutions

  • Manufacturer of conceal carry holsters for many gun models, custom conceal carry holsters, belts, and accessories.

Concealment T

  • Gun concealment shirts.

Concept Development

  • Armor piercing containment systems.

Concho Cartridge

  • Remanufactured ammunition, new ammunition.


  • Scope mounts.


  • Armor testing ammunition.

Conley Precision Cartridge

  • Handgun ammunition, rifle ammunition, precision rifle ammunition, varmint rifle ammunition, safari ammunition, match rifle ammunition, brass.

Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing

  • A producer of shotguns and shotgun components.

Connecticut Valley Arms – CVA

  • Muzzleloading rifles, muzzleloading supplies.

Console Vault

  • Gun safes, auto gun safes, portable gun safes.

Constitution Clothing Company

  • Second Amendment clothing.

Contact! Concealment

  • Producer of professional grade Kydex holsters and supporting equipment.


  • .357 magnum automatic pistols, FAL receivers.

Cooper Firearms

  • Precision hunting rifles.

Cope’s Distributing

  • Gun accessories, pistol accessories, rifle accessories, shooting supplies.

Copper Custom Armament

  • Purveyors of premium firearms and accessories for the discerning collector.

Cops Plus

  • Police supplies, duty gear, tactical equipment.


  • Bullet swaging supplies, reloading supplies.

Core15 Rifle Systems

  • AR15 and M16 rifles. Specializing in SBR’s, piston-driven, precision, and custom rifles.

Cornell Publications

  • Old gun catalogs, gun manual reprints.

Corner Shot

  • Weapon system that enables security forces to engage a target from behind a corner.

Coronado Leather

  • Concealment leatherwear.

Corson’s Barrels

  • Shotgun barrels, shotgun chokes.

CoryStevens Publishing

  • Gun books, military books.


  • Semi automatic shotgun that opens up like a side-by-side gun.

CounterSniper Military Optical Gunsight

  • Firearm optics.

Cover 6 Gear

  • Manufacturer of holsters, including Hybrid holsters, leather holsters, and Kydex holsters.

Covert Carrier

  • Grip clips, concealed carry products.

Cowboy Emporium

  • Cowboy gun grips, cowboy gun leather.

Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association

  • Information on Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

Coyote Mountain Concealment

  • Manufacturer of holsters for Glock pistols.


  • M1A cheek pad rests, M14 cheek pad rests.

CPD Industries

  • Weapon cases, military cases.


  • Military and tactical gear.

Craft Holsters

  • Supplier of gun holsters and duty gear in various materials including leather, nylon and Kydex.

Craig’s Firearm Supply

  • Firearms, rifles, shotguns, gun holsters, firearm accessories, firearm optics, ammunition, gun cleaning equipment.

Creedmoor Sports

  • Competitive shooting products, shooting equipment.

Crew’s Custom Gunsmithing

  • Gunsmithing for 1911 pistols, Smith & Wesson revolvers, Glock pistols, Walther pistols, Browning Hi Power pistols, Smith & Wesson pistols.

Crimson Trace

  • Laser gun sights.

Criterion Barrels

  • Manufacturer of match grade barrels.

CroMagnon Industries

  • A manufacturer of polymer shooting range targets.


  • Airguns, air rifles, air pistols.

Crosnoe Guns

  • Shotguns, rifles, handguns.

Cross Canyon Arms

  • Long range hunting rifles, gunsmithing.

CrossBreed Holsters

  • Concealed carry holsters, concealed carry bags.

Crossfire Ammunition

  • Manufacturer of factory-loaded defense ammunition.

Crosshairs Inc

  • Sniper training.

Crossroads of the West Gun Shows

  • Arizona gun shows, California gun shows, Colorado gun shows, Nevada gun shows, Utah gun shows.


  • AR15 armorer blocks, AK47 armorer blocks, shooting accessories.

Cryogenics of Indiana

  • Cryogenic gun barrel treatment.


  • Cryogenic treatment of gun barrels.


  • Cryogenic treatment of gun barrels.

Crystal Pistols

  • Crystal pistol reproductions.

CS Tactical

  • Firearm optics, shooting equipment, gun accessories.

CSM Tactical Gear

  • Tactical gear, tactical vests, tactical packs.

CT Brian Custom

  • Custom 1911 pistols, custom 1911 gunsmithing.

CTK Precision

  • Shooting equipment and gun accessories, including shooting rests, gun vises, brass catchers, monopods, and target stands.

Culpeppers Specialty Firearms

  • Military surplus, Title II weapons, personal defense products.

Culver’s Shooting Page

  • Gun forum, gun information.

Cumberland Tactics

  • Firearms training.

Custom Cartridge

  • Precision ammunition.

Custom Concealment

  • Ghillie suits.

Custom Defensive Products

  • 1911 parts, AR15 parts, M16 parts.

Custom Grips & Knives

  • Pistol grips, wood grips, ivory grips.

Custom Metal Products – CMP

  • Manufacturer of AR500 steel targets for pistol and rifle shooting.

Custom Rifle Slings by JHW

  • Custom rifle slings.

Custom Shooting Technologies

  • 10/22 parts, 10/22 accessories.

Custom Shop Inc

  • Rifles, handguns, firearm manuals.

Custom Sportswear & Optical

  • Shooting apparel, shooting glasses.

Customize Your Glock

  • Glock customization information.

Cutting Edge Tactical

  • Tactical gear, weapon accessories.

Cuzco Inc

  • Pre ban rifles, weapon accessories.

Cylinder & Slide

  • Custom handguns, handgun parts, handgun grips, 1911 pistolsmithing classes.


  • Semi automatic pistols, rimfire rifles, centerfire rifles, shotguns.